About Us
At OSOM, we do not offer mere secular education; we are providing deep spiritual enlightenment, as well as mental empowerment for exploits. OSOM is not just a place of learning; it is actually a place of transfigurative encounter.

Our Vission
The Vision of the OSOM is in line with the mandate given to Dr. Charles Joseph when the Holy Ghost said to him, “Declare unto my people that they are Born To Overcome! 1John 4:5, Genesis 1:26.


OSOM is a Word based School where the issue of faith is being stressed and cannot be over emphasized. We teach our students how to activate their faith for exploits in life. One of the goals of OSOM is to create ‘Affordable School of ministry’ online and world class development as well as establishing a new benchmark for online study in the area of serving God.The emphasis of OSOM’s incredible curriculum is on the current end-time move of God. Consequently, a major departure from theological approach of yester-year is inevitable. However, the compelling objective of training people online to join in the glorious army of God is still prominent and we can not but be a conduit that God will use.